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The best idioms part4

Idioms and phrases the word today. “Goody-Goody”.

The novel tells the story of the famous. Francisco de Marella (Cinderalla), which came out in comic books and movies may be another story. Which described the poor girl, but a beautiful soul that is History of little Goody Two Shoes, which were published in the year 1765.

A little girl who is an orphan and the poor poorer, but a beautiful soul with hard work, integrity, remember to wear shoes with one hand. One day, she receives a pair of shoes I like the richness of her joy. She shouted, running through the city’s Two-Shoes Two Shoes end she married a widower and lives a comfortable and there is a reward for her goodness. Upon entering the range. 20th century began to anybody who has a good mental mind morality or that Goody-Goodie Goody-Goody.

However today. The meaning of the Goody-Goody Goody two-shoes and have changed dramatically because people would think that I would have a girl, but only in the imagination. Not in the real world. They do not look that good on her. May be affected much more. Thus the two expressions to be applied to anyone. Assumed to behave as a good person and I think that’s perfect.

How was the phrase for today. I hope to apply it to the case when the update Idioms possible. ibookwatch.com it.

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