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idioms the graet aphorism part1

Today, it’s a phrase that’s added to your readers is the second case I want to make enough to do it. Piece of cake, and the first case it is the expression of the Pie in the sky.

The history of this word, I was born during the Civil War and the abolition. Slavery in America. Black slaves in the South is a cultural dance competitions over the Cake Walk (cakewalk) This dance competition will be held in the territory of the farm. Own land for farming, the farm, it can not compete with. The dancers usually match and the winner will be judged by the appearance of a smooth and continuous manner, heartbeat. When one wins, he will receive a reward of cake. It is a phrase or expression that take the cake, which means it has been awarded. Eligible to receive the award. Cake Walk dance. Also an important part in ballroom dancing (Ballroom), which was held in the new night club with me.

In the case that the Piece of cake with banana or other means of simple. The advent of the Dance. I like the Cake Walk. When a contestant can not win the nomination. And the winner defeating other people may think it is as simple as simple can get a cake was easy for him. Over time, the American people. The advantage that a piece of cake (piece of cake) is a cake that I own.

The attempt here is to the “Pie in the sky” or imply that it is not true.

This phrase comes from a song on the unions. One that “You’ll get pie in the sky when you die” If you die, then you will have to have the pie to be told. It means that people look forward to the labor force. Hope u will be awarded with the living. Then after more than lethal. The Pie in the sky, so that phrase is used in the sense that Hope that is not true.

How much for both the idiomatic phrases that would be useful to have it in the front when he was 7. It is not. Or will be. Reviews the book, it’s tuned to see what I was asking before I leave.

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