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best idioms part2

come out on the same day that the two do not, I put forward the “Dark Horse” Dark Horse vapor Oh! Use. Dark Horse convinced me that it would be familiar to many people know this word, but it is up to me though, if you know the history of this matter to me.

I bring up the past because we got to sit right on my friend who I was studying it in school stupid as all wheel drive but today my exam Security Challenge UK is pushing to keep a top of the class to. it. If I was aware of this term, I will shave it off the portion that “You is a Dark Horse” is the famous phrase extreme. In the race to tackle canine race seat. The best president. States that in the year 1844 when Mr. James. Posts to mark the defeating rival candidate, Mr Henry Kaye is the unexpected that comes before it. I will make him a good president of the United States during the 11 years from 1845 to 1849 following the election of a phrase. I handed ever since. And is known throughout the world and used for all types of events.

The origin of this expression comes from horse racing for about a year before the 1800 election, the president is a good time to jump on the 11 did not have a lot of imagination to imagine an example. The leading sire of racing at the final round to be a strong black to disguise it as a horse. Or it may come from a competitive one. The black horse has won a race which was the speed of it was covered earlier.

How was it for the word “Dark Horse” I used to have it before I leave today.

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